Stop losing your clients


Be the first to know when something is wrong with your website.

If your website isn’t available or is loading slowly, you are losing customers. With Piltek you will be instantly notified on e-mail and sms, when your website is unreachable.

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Instant alerts

When your website site is down you are the first one notified through SMS and E-mail alert, so you can act quickly.

Monthly reports

Every month you will receive report, how your website was doing. You can also compare how is doing over the time. Is doing better than in past?

Website performance

In every moment you can see how is your website performing. Did you know, that 40% of visitors leave your site if loading times are slower than 3 seconds?

Detailed reports

Unreachable time, response time, graph, errors. With this data is easier to find a cause, why your site isn’t performing as you expected.